OPIM 5603 – Statistics in Business Analytics (Graduate Level)

OPIM 5603 introduces you to the concepts of population and sample; the difference between population parameters and sample statistics, and how to draw an inference from known sample statistics to usually unknown population parameters. Topics include: descriptive and inferential statistics, data visualization, discrete and continuous random variables, sampling, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, and logistic regression.

Objectives: 1) Conceptually understand key topics in statistical inference (e.g., sampling, probability, confidence intervals); 2) Practical application of R for data analysis and visualization, statistical hypothesis tests, and regressions.

OPIM 3103 – Business Information Systems (Undergraduate Level)

OPIM 3103 introduces you to Management of Information Systems (MIS) concepts, tools, and techniques used in various functions of a business enterprise. It covers both Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access database.

Objectives: 1) Introduction to Microsoft Excel and the design of spreadsheets to enable efficient decision making in business situations, through hands-on learning activities; 2) Introduction to Microsoft Access and the design of databases to enable efficient data management and reporting in business situations, again through hands-on learning activities.